Meet the Team!

Robert Fox: Owner and Operator

Bob has owned The Modern Gallery for 14 years. He got into framing because of his own photographic artwork that is shown in the gallery. Before opening the shop, he worked as a cabinet maker for 20+ years.

Brenna Canfield: Assistant

Brenna has worked at The Modern Gallery and Framing Company since 2010. She enjoys getting to work with beautiful and amazing pieces and wonderful artists on a daily basis. She continues to learn new things and better her matting and framing skills under Owner Robert's influence. Brenna has also been an assistant teacher for College for kids for the past 6 years, helping teach the Black and White Film Photography class. She also continues to work on her own photography. 

Josephine: Cat, Queen Bee

Josephine joined The Modern Gallery and Framing team back in October of 2008. She moved in without notice and has allowed us to stay ever since. She loves to visit with clients and sleep up in the loft. You can ask her advice on framing, but don't trust her color sense!